"damn, gina!"

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gina. 21. taken. chicago. 5'9". college student. fashion. early childhood education. traveling. livin' life.

need food. need sleep. need more time. need a brain that can function. need a shower. need you back in my life.

need to shut up.

finals week. kill me. hfhkdfhghgdj. i feel like i’m gonna puke again.

i can’t believe it’s only been 6 years since she’s been gone. it feels like it’s been longer. i miss her so much. i’d be such a better person if she was around. all i want to do is make homemade play-doh, help her bake her carmel chocolate cake, watch wheel of fortune, curl up and read a book, share birthday party celebrations, and listen to neil diamond/van halen and oldies music with her. i hope that one day i will grow up to be half as great as her. RIP.

she is my heroine. 

i love you grandma. <333

this flu and stress need to gtfo. now. 

Really excited my cousin is having a baby girl. Not so excited she stole what I was gonna name my baby, Ava. That was even my bitty baby’s name, or maybe it was Emma. Whatever. I hate being the youngest cousin. I’m gonna be stuck with all the less pretty names. But seriously, that was my name. Damnit Kristi! Oh well. I can’t wait for there to be another Jack running around, in girl form.

No one cares. Hoooookay bye.

i have an ear infection and an ulcer in my throat.

how the hell does a person get an ulcer in their throat? 

i shouldn’t be googling this. this is disgusting. i wish i could see what mine looks like.

okay done babbling.

the smell of ammonia has been infesting my house this entire week. i feel like i’m going to pass out. i really don’t like the holidays. gotta clean before and clean after. i wish that i had cousins that weren’t more than 4 years older than me. at least little jack is coming. :) i do enjoy seeing everyone though. can i just inhale some mash potatoes now? 

whether to suck it up and embrace my height in order to buy a pair of black wedge leather boots.


being tall has so many disadvantages. hate hate hate.

i do not know. should i do it?

i hate having an empty camera. :’(

get me boobs and a nose job for christmas, hooooookay? thanks.

i have absolutely no motivation to do anything that would benefit me in my life right now. not school work, things with friends, getting a job; nothing.

wtf is happening to me? i need to wake the fuck up.

just came downstairs and asked me what day my birthday is…

my neck and shoulder hurt so fucking bad to the point of where i almost want to cry. i can’t even move. in fact, my whole right side is killing me. wtf. i’m falling apart.

ok i’m done complaining.

when i say i’m going to do something i need to stick to it. forealz.